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Fleurant Pointe Community Center

72, Route de la Pointe à Fleurant Escuminac, qc

Dot Bujold, 418 788-5886


Born to the Baillie family in 1904 was one of Fleurant Point’s most inspirational community leaders, Martha Baillie. Miss Baillie spent her life devoted to her community, neighbors, friends and her faith.

The contribution of Miss Martha Baillie resulted in the construction of the Fleurant Community Hall, largely accomplished by volunteers with Miss Baillie being of foremost support and leadership.

For many decades, Miss Baillie was directly and chiefly responsible for an incredible number of community dances, social events, carnivals, prayer meetings, Sunday school picnics, concerts of every type and description and a host of other community gatherings as well.

Today the Fleurant Point Community Hall is still used to host events and activities in the Fleurant Point area.

For more information about the Fleurant Point Community Hall and the activities that are offered visit the Facebook page, email or call 418-712-1030.

Fleurant Point Community Hall
72 Route de la Pointe à Fleurant Escuminac