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Cascapedia River Museum

275 299 Rte, Cascapedia-Saint-Jules QC G0C 1T0

Tel: (418) 392-5079


The Cascapédia River Museum was established to preserve local artifacts and the stories that are the foundation of the salmon fishing culture of the community. Residents of the Cascapédia valley have always been proud of their heritage and want to pass on this pride to future generations, fishermen, and visitors. It took the vision, initiative and commitment of many local residents and visiting anglers to solicit and harness the support of the community, fishermen, and government agencies to get the museum where it is today.

The museum is fortunate to share the same building as the Cascapédia Society, which manages the Cascapédia River. Two local history buildings (Campbell Brothers, later J.A. Campbell and sons, and the Clapperton store), both of which previously shared a rich part in the fishing heritage of the community, were reclaimed to house facilities. Everything that the fishermen, camps and locals needed, from licensees to clothing could formerly be purchased at these sites and most people involved in the history of both the community and the river have passed many times through their doors. Today the buildings have been restored and the Cascapédia River Museum is proud to welcome you and share a bit of their history.

For more information about the Cascapédia River Museum including the exhibits, programs, events it has to offer and inquiries about admission costs visit the Facebook page, website or call 418-392-5079.

Monday – Friday 1:00pm – 4:00pm
The Lady Amherst Tea Room is open Tuesdays 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Cascapédia River Museum
275 Route 299