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Fair Haven Bible Camp

Contact the organization at 418-752-5221 or visit their Facebook group for updates


Fair Haven Bible Camp is a Christian-based summer camp whose goal is to provide every child with the opportunity to experience camp. Fair Haven Bible Camp believes that experiences at camp aid in providing strong social relationships amongst peers, develops physical coordination, everyday life skills and healthy habits. Through music, storytelling, sports and activities, campers will get to know God along with his word.

The camp runs from July to August for ages 7-18 with pre-registration in advance to attend (along with a paid registration fee). Campers will be separated based on their respectful age group and have the opportunity to experience one full week of camp.

Fair Haven Bible Camps
4 Rue Beach
New Carlisle

For more information or to give a donation to the camp, you can visit the Fair Haven Bible Camp’s Facebook page, contact the organization at the following number; 418-752-5221 (in season) or contact Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Rose Roussy at 418-392-5706.