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Local food
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Gesgapegiag Lobster Hut

4 boulevard Perron

Gesgapegiag, QC

(418) 759-5467


The newly expanded Gesgapegiag Lobster Hut now has more room to offer you the best seafood from one of the top 10 most beautiful bays in the world. Don’t forget to stop at the Lobster Hut to taste the freshly caught jagej (lobster) along with other seafood products. Gesgapegiag also has an artisanal Co-op located next to the Lobster Hut, where you will find a large selection of moccasins, baskets, beaded jewelry, dreamcatchers and various artworks. The Gesgapegiag Lobster Hut is looking forward to your visit!

For more information about orders, menu, products and pricing call 418-759-5467. For more general information you can email lobster.hut@gesgapegiag.ca visit the Facebook page or the Gesgapegiag Tourism website.

Monday – Sunday 8:00am – 6:00pm

Gesapegiag Lobster Hut
4 Perron Blvd