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Camp Fort Haldimand

Rue des Saules, Gaspé

QC G4X 2J1

418 368-9423


In 1941 (in the context of the Second World War), National Defense built three coastal batteries (Péninsule, Haldimand and Prével). At Haldimand, a complex of wooden buildings was built to house roughly 82 soldiers and 2 officers. Today the site and its buildings are used as a summer camp.

The heritage value of this complex lies in its history and authenticity. The buildings were constructed in 1941 to house military personnel stationed in Haldimand to watch for the arrival of the Germans. Situated on the shores of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, the Haldimand military base is part of a series of military installations set up near the Gulf at the start of the Second World War by the Department of National Defense to protect the entrance of Canada from a possible German invasion. The architecture of these buildings is rudimentary and sober, typical of utilitarian buildings of the period. Many of the them stand out for their good state of authenticity, thanks to the preservation of their exterior wood cladding, complete with door frames and corner boards, wood sash windows and wood doors, as well as the preservation of their original composition and massing.

For more information about Camp Fort Haldimand visit the Facebook page, Berceau du Canada website or call 418-368-9423 (Berceau du Canada).

Camp Fort Haldimand
Rue de Saules